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About the game

(Note: for project source code, please refer to "Project source code: why am I licensing it?" section below.)

Le Pong dans La Lune is an interpretation of the classic Pong, inspired by George Méliès' famous “Le Voyage dans la Lune" (“A Trip to the Moon") film.

It differs from the original version because players control (giant?) people in jetpack suit that can shoot bullets that freeze the opponent or speed the ball up upon collision.

The ball, which is a pixelated take on Méliès' moon, has a different behaviour as well. Who knows how gravity in this game's outer space influence it?


  • Bullets that freeze your opponent (but don't try to be smarty pants or the bullets will turn against you!)
  • Black-and-white 2-player game
  • Piano sound effects
  • Multi-language (English, Français, Português do Brasil)


Code, Art and Audio:
André Kishimoto

French translation:
André Kishimoto, with some help from Bruno Cicanci

Brazilian Portuguese translation:
André Kishimoto

“Press Start 2P" (c) 2012, Cody “CodeMan38″ Boisclair

Development info

Tools/tech used during development:

  • Development: GameMaker: Studio Professional
  • Art: GIMP
  • Audio: Beatmaker 2 (iPad), Audacity
  • Typography: Press Start 2P font
  • Others: SVN, Notepad++ and MS Excel 2007

Project source code: why am I licensing it?

You might have noticed that you are able to get the project source code for a few dollars, so you can study it, modify it, create and release a new game out of it (be it commercial or non-commercial).

To answer the above question:
I decided to run an experiment with this project (and a couple of upcoming ones): instead of releasing the game for the current common 99-cent price tag, what would happen if I release the game for free (and ad-free) and license the entire project source (minus third-party files such as font files) for those who are willing to donate some amount of money that would be invested in future projects?

Some might view this process as "selling (licensing) the project source code", but we can also view it as "make a donation and get a license to study, modify and use the project source on a new game as a thank you for supporting the developer".

Either way, this experiment tries to check if a model like this ("free game/paid license source") could be a viable monetization option for independent developers.

I see it as a win-win scenario: developers would start getting some money to work on new projects (and hire people to help them) and gamers, students and hobbyists supporting these developers could check how a game was made, study and learn from it, mod it and release a new game to the public.


Thinking about getting the project source code?
Thank you very much! I hope the project source code will be helpful to you.
There is one thing I would like to ask you, though: it is OK for me if you make a commercial game out of it but please do not distribute (or sell) the project source code (including art and audio), as doing so would invalidate the experiment mentioned above (and violate the license).
If possible, redirect interested people to where you got the project source code. This is much appreciated!

In other words, by getting the project source code, you agree that:

  • You can release commercial and non-commercial games using the project source code;
  • You cannot and will not distribute or sell the project source code, including the art and audio files included with it.


Having trouble with the game? Want to give feedback?
Suggestions, criticism, comments welcome!

Please feel free to send an e-mail to:

Le Pong dans la Lune (c) 2014, André Kishimoto / Kishimoto Studios.

Published Mar 29, 2014
Author岸本 Kishimoto Studios
Tagsbrazil, jetpack, kishimoto, lune, melies, moon, pong, trip, voyage
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French, Portuguese
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


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