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Can you help the young boy cross the river with his pets, safe and sound?
That should be easy, but he can only take one pet at a time with him. And,
unfortunately, the dog and the cat do not get along. The same is true for
the cat and the parrot.

What steps will you take?

Find out the answer in this 'river crossing puzzle' based mini-game!

About the game

Cross The River started out as a logic programming project that would be used as an example and exercise in my Computer Programming 101 classes.

After some design decisions and additional work, the project turned into a mini-game that is based on the 'river crossing' kind of puzzle.

Instead of focusing only in the programming logic part, it was decided that work should also be done on the visual – art could be simple, but not relying on basic shapes, stick figures or third-party sprites. Being a gamer of 8-bit consoles (such as SMS and NES), I chose the NES color palette and the console's 256×240 resolution as constraints that would lead the art. The 'NEStalgic' feeling should also be applied to the audio.

During development, the resolution was doubled, because 256×240 is a tiny resolution for current displays.

Project source code

Thinking about getting the project source code? 

Thank you very much! I hope the project source code will be helpful to you.
There is one thing I would like to ask you, though: it is OK for me if you make a commercial game out of it but please do not distribute (or sell) the project source code (including art and audio), as doing so would invalidate the experiment mentioned above (and violate the license).
If possible, redirect interested people to where you got the project source code. This is much appreciated!

In other words, by getting the project source code, you agree that:

  • You can release commercial and non-commercial games using the project source code;
  • You cannot and will not distribute or sell the project source code, including the art and audio files included with it.


Having trouble with the game? Want to give feedback?
Suggestions, criticism, comments welcome!

Please feel free to send an e-mail to:


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